About Rubik Booking

Gentosia Company Limited is providing travel platform including back-end and front-end management system,"RubikBooking". This system will support your business to increase sell channel by connecting with foreign OTA, providing online booking, and online payment, disrupt the language barrier as the system is provided in 6 languages. Apart from the management system, we also create an online store which the customers can book and pay in real time and the system is able to deliver a real time dashboard monitoring for analyzing data to develop the marketing plan and promotion that benefits and suitable with your target group. The service provider can simply post the online store link to their Facebook page, Line official account, or webpage for their sell channel.

Government Support : RubikBooking system has granted the government funding from NIA (National Innovation Agency). It is believed that this system will support the service provider to have online sell channel which might increase sell volume and revenue. Moreover, TAT offered RubikBooking an opportunity to present the company as startup for travel-tech business in TATAP 2019 as the facilitator for service provider to reach the tourist who like to book and pay online.